gmail tip: easily marking as read a bunch of emails

A simple method to mark dozens (or hundreds) of emails as read while being able to review the messages first.

I was checking my mailbox a few minutes ago, and decided to mark as read about 80 emails in a particular label. I could of course have used "select all" + "select the xxxx messges", mark as read. But I wanted to briefly review them, so it wasn't really an option.

It is actually quite simple:

  1. Run the search query you want. In my case, it was "label:Foobar" (clicking on the label is enough).
  2. Add is:unread to your search
  3. use *u (if you have enabled keyboard shortcuts (you should!)) to select all unread messages
  4. use shift + i to mark them as read
  5. the search will be refreshed automatically, instantly excluding the messages you've just mark as read
  6. repeat until you're done

4 keystrokes per page, quite efficient, you don't even have to touch your mouse :-)